Karen Connell

An Author Who Wants To See The End Of Domestic Violence

My name is Karen Connell, and I am a domestic violence survivor. I became an author and speaker to document and share my story, which could help others get out of domestic violence situations and get on with their lives. I endured years of physical and emotional abuse. My story is heartbreaking, powerful, and inspiring at the same time and tells everyone that it is possible to overcome the trauma of domestic violence.

Silence Is Never An Option

The message of this story is that violence is not acceptable, and staying silent is never a solution. The darkness and the trauma you endured do not define you. You are the light that refused to surrender. Learn to use the power of choice.

My Vision

Domestic violence is more common than we think. It can be controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading, and humiliating. When you get hit by someone you love, you get wounds that aren’t visible on your body, but they are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. Being a domestic violence survivor, I aim to educate other women through my personal experiences and make them realize that isn’t how your story should end. I penned down a book to show women and men that there are numerous resources that could help them make better life choices and get out of an abusive relationship. The biggest motive behind every single word that I speak or write is to see domestic violence end forever.



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Beyond Surviving; Take Back Your Life Using the Power of Choice

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1 review for Beyond Surviving; Take Back Your Life Using the Power of Choice

  1. Nancy Jo Perdue- Comedy Writer, Journalist, and Renegade

    This riveting tale is a must-read for any woman who has been quieted by masculine fear as Karen Connell reminds us that nothing can silence the truth.

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Domestic Violence Roars Wild

Don’t be blinded by love. The person who truly loves you would never try to hurt you by any means. Domestic violence is way more than physical pain, scars, and unlimited bruises. We call it domestic, but it roars wild. A tortured woman serves food to a carnivore in porcelain made out of her broken bones on a daily basis just because she thinks that he loves her. No girl, you have suffered enough and gone through a lot. Now you have to stand up for yourself and move forward. Life outside of this relationship is better and possible, and you have to believe that.


Inspiring Blogs

An Award-Winning Speaker

I survived severe domestic violence and used my experience to become a speaker. As a community educator, I want others to hear my story and get the message behind it to never give up and stand up against violence. Through my platform and all other media sources, I just want to let everyone know that the dark period they are going through is not their fate. I can help them make some healthy life choices that would surely help them if there is violence in their lives.

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